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RTOM Black Hole Single-Zone Trigger


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Category: Drum Triggers

Black Hole Single-Zone Trigger

Part # BHSZT1


MSRP $35.01

MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR USE WITH THE BLACK HOLE PRACTICE SYSTEM! bh Single-Zone Triggers instantly transform acoustic drum heads outfitted with Black Holes into a hybrid kit. With bh Triggers, the days of requiring mesh heads, tools, and time to transform your acoustic heads into an electronic kit have come to an end. Now, simply snap on and snap off Black Holes equipped with bh Triggers to your acoustic heads and, in seconds, drummers effortlessly transition between acoustic and hybrid playing. NOTE: bh Triggers must be used with TS cables.

RTOM Black Hole Single-Zone Trigger


*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

RTOM Corporation was founded with a single purpose: to create No-Compromise drum accessories that enhance the playing experience. Since its inception, RTOM has challenged every conventional concept and technology in an effort to bring a new level of enjoyment to practicing your instrument.
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Black Hole Single-Zone Trigger

Product Features

  • Enables drummers to choose and customize their sound.
  • Allows drummers to switch from acoustic to hybrid playing in seconds.
  • Features a sleek low-profile design that easily grips onto your Black Hole rims without the need for tools or adhesives.
  • Offers incredible accuracy and high-precision sound.
  • Works seamlessly with all Black Holes sizes.
  • Features a highly-durable plastic casing for accidental drumstick hits.
Black Hole Single-Zone Trigger

Technical Specifications

Part NumberBHSZT1
5-Pack Black Hole Single-Zone Triggers