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Rogers Drums Clockface Butt-End


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Category: Throw-Offs

Clockface Butt-End

Part # 390RB


MSRP $18.50

Rogers specially designed butt-end (backing plate) mirrors the angular, cut-away design found on their famous clock face strainer. The cut-away is engineered to hold the snare cord at the proper angle for precise alignment of the snares on both sides of the drum.

Rogers Drums Clockface Butt-End


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Since 1849, Rogers Drums rose from the first U.S. calfskin drum head manufacturer into one of the most innovative drum and percussion brands on the planet. Rogers hit its stride during modern history’s most transformative decade – the 1960s, and this “Golden Era” of the brand brought new inventions, sound and style to the world of drumming- that had never been imagined before. Today, Rogers returns- celebrating the vision, and the legacy of their Golden Era, and carrying forward the brand’s creed for percussion innovation into the 21st Century.
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Clockface Butt-End

Product Features

  • Die-cast design
  • Butt-end measures approximately 2.75 inch
  • Mounting hole spacing is: 1.25 inch
  • Comes complete with standard shell-mounting screws

Rogers new matching butt-end is faithfully designed after the original in every way, but uses drum key adjustments for ease of use.

Clockface Butt-End

Technical Specifications

Part Number390RB
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