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S-Hoop 5-Hole S-Hoop Chrome


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Category: Drum Hoops

5-Hole S-Hoop Chrome

Part # 5-Hole S-Hoop Chrome


So much more than just an after-market upgrade. S-Hoops will make your toms sing like birds and your cross-sticks and rimshots crack like a whip. S-Hoops look clean, sound great, and protect both your hands and your drums bearing edge. The overlaying bevel edge gives you increased surface area for your rimshots and cross-sticks, making them pop like nobody's business.

S-Hoop 5-Hole S-Hoop Chrome


*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

S-Hoops are built like a triple-flange hoop, except that the top flange rolls over towards the center of the drum and bevels down towards the head. S-Hoops are built more stable than triple flange and die-cast hoops, unlocking a wider tuning range and making drums much easier to tune. This unique design makes rimshots effortless and cross-sticks absolutely explosive. S-Hoops slow wear on your sticks, and reduce the transfer of shock and vibrations to your hands and wrists, making the them the most economical and healthy choice in after-market drum hoops.
More About This Brand
5-Hole S-Hoop Chrome

Product Features

The S-Hoop(TM) is a patented new drum hoop designed by the President and Founder of Safehoop Company, Rick Barrickman.. Shortly after that he was awarded at patent for the design and The Safehoop Company was formed. The S-Hoop has many advantages to offer every drummer no matter what level of player they may be. The S-Hoop is like a triple flange hoop except with a different design.

From this new design came an overlying edge that turns in and bevels down towards the drum head covering the bearing edge and leaving plenty of room for different tuning tensions. This added steel density made the hoop more rigid like a die-cast hoop therefore giving it the consistent tuning characteristics of a die-cast hoop. This new design also gives the S-Hoop a smoother playing surface for rim-shots and side stick creating less impact to the hands and wrist. The patented design allows the toms to sing more and give's the snare a fatter sound than hoops of previous design. We like to call it a "Best of Both World's Hoop" because it incorporates all the characteristics of a die-cast hoop and a triple flange hoop all in one. People will find that the S-Hoop is definitely a unique product.

5-Hole S-Hoop Chrome

Technical Specifications

CategoryDrum Hoops
Part Number5-Hole S-Hoop Chrome