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TightScrew 4-Pack TightScrews


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4-Pack TightScrews

Part # 4-Pack TightScrews



TightScrew Non-Loosening Tension Rods are a critical upgrade for discriminating drummers. Patented polymer inserts maintain the desired tension at each tuning point on the drum, keeping "your sound" intact under all playing conditions and volume levels. Available in popular sizes and 100% guaranteed to work!

TightScrew 4-Pack TightScrews


*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

TightScrews are a simple and practical product that will eliminate drum de-tuning during your performance. Other detuning products make your drum look different or adjust your tuning routine. You must install a gadget, use a tool, or shift an item to adjust the pitch of your instrument. Once tuning is achieved, that same item must be moved, adjusted or re-installed. TightScrews do not change your drum’s appearance. Drumhead tension can be adjusted normally, without using special tools or removing some external gadget.
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4-Pack TightScrews

Product Features

  • TightScrews hold your drum's selected pitch-eliminating the need for constant adjustment.
  • Completely adjustable-providing smooth and concise tuning.
  • Your drum retains its factory-look. TightScrews are highly effective yet inconspicuous.
  • Drummers, studios, and techs trust TightScrews. Thousands in use worldwide.
4-Pack TightScrews

Technical Specifications

Part Number4-Pack TightScrews
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