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Slug Percussion Armourphragm Batter Badge


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Category: Impact Badges

Armourphragm Batter Badge

Part # BB-535R


MSRP $13.95

Single Kick Armourphragm. Armourphragm™ designs protect drumheads and create a sound controlling diaphragm on the drumhead. Made of durable, wear resistant, clear polycarbonate film allowing for heavier play and greater sound projection. Improves beater, mallet, or stick strike articulation, attack and overall note quality. High strength adhesive backing bonds permanently to new condition drumheads.

Slug Percussion Armourphragm Batter Badge


Out of stock

*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

Slug was started out of the simple idea of making drum accessories that help a drummer perform flawlessly at a gig. Equipment should never be a problem or a handicap to a drummer's performance capability. Many existing drum products are poor representations for their real intended use. Cheap materials and poor quality comprise a sub-standard mass drum accessory market that is too commonly the only one available for the drumming community today. Many of these products in recent years have been geared toward making a bigger profit, rather than making the drummer happier. If you have ever punched a hole in a bass drum head, bent a foot pedal beater shaft, lost a drum key, and just have had enough with broken drum parts, then you can relate to the whole reason why Slug Percussion Products was started in the first place. Look for Slug products at finer drum and music shops all over the world.
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Armourphragm Batter Badge

Product Features

Batter Badge vented impact pads have patented Armourphragm™ designs that protect your drumheads and enhance their tonal characteristics. The unique peripheral edges and die-cut holes of the Batter Badge designs act like a diaphragm on the drumhead, allowing Badges to flex with the drumhead they are mounted on, preserving the 'sweet spot' where most strikes occur during play. Drummers can perform without worry of denting drumheads, and can place a Batter Badge exactly where the most strikes are made, really letting a drummer customize their drum sound.

  • Protects bass drumhead without muffling sound
  • Features larger 'sweet spot' for more beater contact adjustability
  • Vented six arm shape allows drumhead to flex from beater contact
  • Increases attack and "punchiness" of beater strike
  • Actual Size: 5.35" diameter / .020" polycarbonate film
  • Graphic Color: Red
Armourphragm Batter Badge

Technical Specifications

Part NumberBB-535R
Triad Batter Badge Orange
Slug Percussion
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