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Slug Percussion Tweek Drum Key


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Category: Drum Keys

Tweek Drum Key

Part # TWK


MSRP $4.99

Recommended for tuning drums, the Tweek will not damage tension rod hardware like metal drumkeys can. Made of Super-Tough glass-filled Nylon, the Tweek is much stronger than cheap "pot metal" drumkeys no doubt! Highly recommended for vintage drums and preserving instrument hardware. Clips on 1 inch tube hardware. Fast and convenient for tuning drums! Clip a TWEEK on your Hi-Hat stand!

Slug Percussion Tweek Drum Key


*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

Slug was started out of the simple idea of making drum accessories that help a drummer perform flawlessly at a gig. Equipment should never be a problem or a handicap to a drummer's performance capability. Many existing drum products are poor representations for their real intended use. Cheap materials and poor quality comprise a sub-standard mass drum accessory market that is too commonly the only one available for the drumming community today. Many of these products in recent years have been geared toward making a bigger profit, rather than making the drummer happier. If you have ever punched a hole in a bass drum head, bent a foot pedal beater shaft, lost a drum key, and just have had enough with broken drum parts, then you can relate to the whole reason why Slug Percussion Products was started in the first place. Look for Slug products at finer drum and music shops all over the world.
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Tweek Drum Key

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CategoryDrum Keys
Part NumberTWK
Saddle Tan Leather Drum Key
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