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Drummer's Grip The Drummer's Grip


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Category: Drum Keys

The Drummer's Grip

Part # TDG


MSRP $19.99

The Drummer's Grip wing-nut Tool helps you defeat any stubborn wing nut or screw. We all know the feeling. You're wanting to make a small adjustment and you end up taking most of your time in an infuriating battle with that one screw that simply will not move. The Drummer's Grip has proven to be the solution.

Drummer's Grip The Drummer's Grip


*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

Born out of frustration and the need to solve a simple problem of a stubborn wing nut at the most inopportune time, Drummer's Grip has proven to be the solution to that and so much more! The cutting-edge design is especially crafted to fit most standard wing nuts and wing screws found on both vintage and modern acoustic as well as electronic drum kits and other drum hardware. Whether it is for the set up / break down of a kit or just a fine adjustment that you never really were able to achieve before, we think you will be amazed.
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The Drummer's Grip

Product Features

  • Specifically crafted to fit most standard wing nuts and wing screws
  • Suitable for acoustic and electronic kits and hardware
  • Saves you time and energy during set-up and tear down
  • Fine adjustments made easy
The Drummer's Grip

Technical Specifications

CategoryDrum Keys
Part NumberTDG
Saddle Tan Leather Drum Key
Tackle Instrument Supply Co