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Kelly SHU Composite Drum Microphone Shock Mount


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Composite Drum Microphone Shock Mount

Part # SHU-C


MSRP $74.00

This is the Patented Kelly SHU Composite™ kick drum microphone isolation and support system; the ultimate microphone holder for drums. This easy-to-install kick and tom drum microphone mounting system has been tested the world over by some of the Top Touring Professionals and Drummers in the entertainment industry. The Composite Series Kelly SHU™ mounts were also designed specifically for the budget minded. Being made of an injection molded material, these high-strength mounting units offer the same functionality as the Kelly SHU Pro™ series system but at around half the price.

Kelly SHU Composite Drum Microphone Shock Mount


*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

The Kelly SHU™ is an integrated shock-mount and microphone isolation system adaptable to any size or depth of kick drum and larger diameter tom drums. Designed to accept most all drum microphones which use an industry standard mic clip or threaded stand base. NO DRILLING required for installation.
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Composite Drum Microphone Shock Mount

Product Features

  • Works with any standard kick drum or tom drum microphone that has a threaded base or uses a mic clip
  • Exclusive internal OR external installation options
  • Made using high-density reinforced compounds infused with 30% fiberglass fibers and injection molded under thousands of pounds of pressure for incredible strength and durability
  • Mounting unit is reinforced at various stress points
  • 10 installation adjustment holes with grommets
  • 16 support cord hooks
  • 3 feet of solid rubber support cord
  • 8 interior installation loops
  • Universal microphone post with standard threads
  • Oversized jam nut
  • NO DRILLING REQUIRED for installation
  • 1-year limited warranty
Composite Drum Microphone Shock Mount

Technical Specifications

Part NumberSHU-C
Bass Drum Microphone Holder
Dunnett Classic Drums