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Kelly SHU Pro Microphone Mount


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Pro Microphone Mount

Part # SHU-PB


MSRP $149

The Kelly SHU Pro™ series shock-mount holder for drum microphones is our top-of-the-line model for drum microphone isolation and support. Save stage space and reduce stage clutter while providing superior isolation for any conventional drum microphone which is designed to fit on a mic stand. No Drilling is Required for installation of The Kelly SHU Pro™ microphone mounting system.

Kelly SHU Pro Microphone Mount


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The Kelly SHU™ is an integrated shock-mount and microphone isolation system adaptable to any size or depth of kick drum and larger diameter tom drums. Designed to accept most all drum microphones which use an industry standard mic clip or threaded stand base. NO DRILLING required for installation.
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Pro Microphone Mount

Product Features

Kelly SHU Pro™ series drum microphone holder and isolation system is designed for use with larger-format kick drum microphone such as Shure BETA 52A, AT 2500, EV RE20, etc. The Kelly SHU Pro™ series system is compatible with most all kick drums and larger tom drums sized 14 inches and larger in diameter.

If you’re looking for a better way to support your kick drum microphones, look no further than The Patented Kelly SHU™ System. Microphone stands can transfer stage vibrations through the shaft of the stand and onto the microphone itself, thereby causing audio problems. The same is true for rim clamps or other miking systems which are attached directly to the drum shell; these methods can cause vibratory interference. The unique design of The Kelly SHU™ suspended and isolated mounting system solves these problems and more.

The SHU™ (pronounced like ‘SHOE’) provides you a miking platform which is completely de-coupled from the drum shell and stage, both at the same time. This design eliminates any environmental vibrations from traveling onto the microphone itself during your performance. The result is a cleaner, more defined signal from the isolated microphone. In addition to the patented rubber isolation cords, locating the mic inside the drum shell will obviously reduce cross-talk between your drum microphones.

The advantages of The Kelly SHU Pro™ System do not stop there. You can add in the bonus of being able to leave your microphone with the drum during transport – a real time saver at your next gig. And talk about durable! We’ve received reports from Kelly SHU™ users who have not needed to adjust or replace anything about the mounting units for almost a decade. You can rely on The Kelly SHU™ system to provide you years of service!

The Kelly SHU Pro™ kick drum microphone holder has been road-tested and tour-approved by many of today’s professional drummers and sound engineers. Through their constant set-up, tear-down and travel on the road, The Kelly SHU Pro™ has reliably become a permanent part of many a world tour’s kick drum rigs. From Keith Urban to Metallica. From Broadway Productions to the drum kit at your local club, The Kelly SHU™ name has become synonymous within the drum kit miking world.

Each Pro series Kelly SHU™ mount is individually machined from #303 high-grade aluminum stock, then finished with durable black anodize coating and features sharp laser-etched Kelly SHU Pro™ logo and legal markings.

Every Kelly SHU Pro™ System includes:

  • The Kelly SHU Pro™ Anodized Aluminum Mounting Unit.
  • 10 Installation Adjustment Holes w/ Grommets.
  • 20 Support Cord Hooks.
  • 3.5 ft of Solid Rubber Support Cord.
  • 10 Interior Installation Loops.
  • Universal Microphone Post w/ Standard Threads.
  • Oversized Jam Nut.
  • Complete Installation Instructions.
Pro Microphone Mount

Technical Specifications

Part NumberSHU-PB
Bass Drum Microphone Holder
Dunnett Classic Drums
Composite Drum Microphone Shock Mount
Kelly SHU