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Wincent Drumsticks Hickory Handle Light Nylon Brushes


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Category: Brushes

Hickory Handle Light Nylon Brushes

Part # W-12LN


Wincent Light Nylon Brushes provide drummers the bright and distinctive tone needed for acoustic gigs, small ensembles, and jamming around town. Their fixed nylon bristles produce a light touch on the drums and a soft tone on the cymbals, while their classic hickory handle sounds great on rimshots and cross-sticks. Their Unique Wax Protection on the handle help keep them in your grasp and provide you the durability and reliability you've been looking for.  

Wincent Drumsticks Hickory Handle Light Nylon Brushes


Out of stock

*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

Wincent Drumsticks is a renowned Swedish brand specializing in drumsticks, brushes, rods, and mallets, with a history dating back to 1992 when they introduced the first adjustable o-ring rods. Founder and CEO Dan Nylén has been developing Wincent products for over 30 years and has established them as a worldwide drumstick company with a mission to craft top-notch, innovative products that ensure drummers with consistent durability and feel, and empower them to create music that resonates with joy and beauty.
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Hickory Handle Light Nylon Brushes

Product Features

  • Fixed, thick nylon bristles resistant to wear and bending
  • Control fan spread with adjustable o-ring
  • Hickory handle is single-stone ground for superb feel and balance, while resisting splitting for a smooth performance
  • Crafted in Sweden from the finest Kentucky hickory
  • UWP (Unique Wax Protection) coating and precise drying technique provide a secure and relaxed grip, excellent absorption, and guarantees long-lasting durability
Hickory Handle Light Nylon Brushes

Technical Specifications

Part NumberW-12LN
Wire Diameter1.2 mm
Handle Diameter15.8 mm
Wire MaterialNylon
Handle MaterialHickory
Slim Grip Wood Handle Wire Brushes