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Henrique Pucci

Noturnall, Endrah, Clearview, Diva Muffin | Brazil

Henrique Pucci is one of the greatest heavy drummers in Brazil nowadays. His dynamism, technique and continuous musical evolution allow him to travel through different styles, shifting from Noturnall’s progressive metal to Clearview’s hardcore (whose last work was produced by Nick Jet of the Terror), passing through Endrah’s extreme metal (Billy Graziadei’s former band ), Diva Muffin’s electro-organic experimentalism and traditional metal bands like Pomparças (side project of Marcello Pompeu from Korzus) and Fishook. Even with his busy schedule, Henrique still finds time to run workshops and classes.

At the age of eight he played drums in “congadas”, a traditional Brazilian music genre. He was 11 when he had his first experience as a drummer in a rock band. At the age of 16 he joined Dollflesh, the first band he toured with. At the age of 18 he became a member of Paura and toured Europe and South America several times over the following 13 years. Between the years 2011 and 2016 he was the drummer for Project46, one of the most influential Brazilian metal bands, playing in major festivals such as Monsters of Rock, Rock in Rio, Maquinaria and Maximus Festival.

Graduated in audio and Pro tools at IAV, produced dozens of metal and hardcore albums in his home studio which is currently used exclusively to his own projects. Four out of seven albuns he played drums were produced by himself.

2019 was a full year with Noturnall, releasing the first song with the band, playing a tour in Russia with Disturbed, Rock in Rio 2019, 2 music videos, tour in a Brasil with Mike Portnoy, and some drum videos.

Right now he is recording the drums for the next Noturnall álbum to be release in July, and get ready for the next European tour with Sons of Apollo.

The MADE IN RUSSIA DVD was just release on July 13th, rock and roll day, and the Portnoy’s tour will be out in DVD in the second semester of 2020.

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