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Lucy Campos

Hey Ladies!, Educator | Brazil

Lucy Campos started playing drums at the age of 12 after some tries with the keyboard and acoustic guitar. She was introduced to Metallica by some friends at school and never stopped playing ever since, having Lars Ulrich as her major influence until this day.

She played local gigs with the all girl band Bula until her 20’s, in which she did backing vocals as well, and because of that she started studying vocal techniques, as she is now both professional drummer and singer.

In a trip to the US until in her adolescence, she acquired her first AHEAD pair of drumsticks and it was love at first grip! She tried 5A’s and 5B’s and opted for 5B’s as their weight allows her to get the best sound of the drums for her rock n roll style. She also uses 5A’s when she needs to play on smaller venues, or softer types of rock.

After attending MI for Music Business in Los Angeles, she came back to São Paulo and played in a J-Rock band, playing all major events of this type locally.

Ready to share her knowledge with the youngsters, she was invited to teach at School of Rock, where she is until this day.

Lucy is achieving some major visibility in Brazil as a music teacher, working not only as a drumming teacher, but as a vocal teacher as well. She teaches at Voice - Centro Musical and School of Rock and also tutors kids privately at her studio and their houses. Although she likes to teach kids better, she is a versatile teacher that communicates with all ages.

Lucy Campos is currently playing drums with the all girl hard rock band Hey Ladies and Ze Rodrigo’s ‘I Rock n Roll’ Project, performing all over Brazil and South America. She is also a professional singer in bands for graduation parties and private events.

Lucy Campos's GO-TO’S
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