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Niki Skistimas

KRASHKARMA | United States

Unlike many musicians, Niki Skistimas started her journey into drumming a little later in life. It was shortly after graduating high school when she dove head first in and bought herself a 1969 Gretsch drum kit from an old friend. She began taking private lessons from a local, reputable jazz enthusiast who she frequented clubs in NYC with to witness some of the greatest drum legends at work. Her teacher encouraged her to begin playing with other musicians as soon as she could hold a beat which kick started her ability to collaborate and not only play drums, but write songs as well. She soon moved from her home state of New Jersey to New Orleans, Louisiana where her passion for funk and groove became the key foundation for her style and drumming approach. Feigning for the ocean and all the new experiences life held in store for her, Niki decided to move to the melting pot of Los Angeles, California where she had her first taste of playing rock-n-roll and punk. This opened up new levels of energy and precision in her playing that have in turn opened doors for her to tour with various L.A. based artists in the punk/rock/metal genre. Niki is well known in the scene for her live performance skills comparable to the likes of Keith Moon and Tommy Lee. She has also acquired endorsements from great companies such as Ddrum, Paiste and AHEAD.

Now she is the second lead vocalist and drummer in her own band KRASHKARMA, which combines all the elements of music that she loves from funky soul beats, epic melodic song writing, to heavy trashing metal madness!! The band has so far written and recorded 3 albums and have toured the US, Europe and Africa. She will not stop there! Her passion for music and life is one in the same and she is shooting for stars!

Niki Skistimas's GO-TO’S
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