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Aquarian Drumheads Superpad Mute


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Superpad Mute

Part # Superpad Mute



The Aquarian multipurpose Super-Pad is both a stand-alone pad for silent practice and a low-volume acoustic drum mute for low-volume music-making. Perfect for teaching studios, unplugged, low volume ensemble sessions, and apartment dwelling acoustic drummers; low profile design fits comfortably into any setup and comes in a range of sizes that will fit most acoustic snare drums, tom-toms, and bass drums. The shock-absorbing playing surface is comfortable to play and makes it an effective tool for improving drumming skills.

Aquarian Drumheads Superpad Mute


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Since 1980, Aquarian co-owners, Roy Burns and Ron Marquez and the A-Team have been inventing, innovating and exploring new sounds and tools for the serious drummer. To this day, we at Aquarian continue to invent, innovate and explore cutting-edge technologies for the creative drummer, but our unceasing passion is about the sound of the drum.
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Superpad Mute

Product Features

Lightweight, the Super-Pad travels anywhere and can be placed on top of anything; drums, tables, snare drum stands, beds, or even your lap. The Super-Pad Drumsurface reduces acoustic drum volume, but still retains natural drumstick rebound and real drumhead feel.

The Super-Pad is easy to set up and eliminates the need for costly stand or pad mounting hardware. Drop it on a drum for low volume playing. Our protective, non-skid base allows for use as a stand-alone pad that can be placed on any flat surface for silent practice.

When placed on an acoustic snare drum, the super pad activates the snare wires for natural snare drum sound at a greatly reduced volume. Perfect for developing correct snare drum technique while working on buzz, drag, and ghost strokes.

When placed on tom-toms, the super pad retains relative pitch with defined articulation and is great for working on melodic phrasing and complex tom fills at a comfortable volume level.

  • "Drop on Drum and Play" convenience
  • Perfect for teaching studios
  • Comfortable for longer practice sessions
Superpad Mute

Technical Specifications

Part NumberSuperpad Mute
Black Hole 10/12/14/16/22 inch Starter Pack
2- Pack Black Hole Attachment Hooks for Wood or Die-Cast Hoops
Black Hole Practice Pad to Kick Drum Conversion Kit