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Rock Locks 10-Pack 49mm Small Tension Rod Locks


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10-Pack 49mm Small Tension Rod Locks

Part # RL49


MSRP $29.99

Rock Locks are a professional-grade tension rod lock that will keep your drums in tune better than anything else on the market. Their 12-point star design (patent pending) allows you to quickly fasten onto a tension rod at any angle - tune your drums, pop some Rock Locks on, and play!

Rock Locks 10-Pack 49mm Small Tension Rod Locks


*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

Rock Locks was born from years of touring experience and the frustration that there wasn’t an effective solution on the market for keeping drums in tune through hours of playing. In 2022, out of necessity and the demand for a tension rod lock that actually fixed the problem, Rocks Locks was established by drummers, for drummers. Since then, they have quickly infiltrated the drumming industry with their no-fuss, seamlessly flush and distinctive 12-point star design lock, that fits snugly on tension rods and provides drummers the relief they’ve been looking for.
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10-Pack 49mm Small Tension Rod Locks

Product Features

  • Fits 5.3mm diameter standard tension rods
  • 12-point star design for quick fastening from any angle
  • Keeps your drums in tune
  • 10-Pack
  • Made in the USA
10-Pack 49mm Small Tension Rod Locks

Technical Specifications

Part NumberRL49
Frank Zummo
Sum 41, Street Drum Corps, Krewella
10-Pack 53mm Standard Tension Rod Locks
Rock Locks