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Rogers Drums Dyna-Sonic Reso Hoop


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Category: Drum Hoops

Dyna-Sonic Reso Hoop

Part # Dyna-Sonic Reso Hoop



The Dyna-Sonic snare, or bottom side snare drum hoop is made of 1.6mm thick steel and contoured to the original Rogers, triple-flange hoop design. This 14 inch, 10-hole hoop features protective snare gates based on the 1960’s era design.

Rogers Drums Dyna-Sonic Reso Hoop


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Since 1849, Rogers Drums rose from the first U.S. calfskin drum head manufacturer into one of the most innovative drum and percussion brands on the planet. Rogers hit its stride during modern history’s most transformative decade – the 1960s, and this “Golden Era” of the brand brought new inventions, sound and style to the world of drumming- that had never been imagined before. Today, Rogers returns- celebrating the vision, and the legacy of their Golden Era, and carrying forward the brand’s creed for percussion innovation into the 21st Century.
More About This Brand
Dyna-Sonic Reso Hoop

Product Features

  • 1.6mm thick steel hoop
  • Original Rogers triple-flanged design
  • 14-inch 10-hole format
  • 1960’s snare gate design
Dyna-Sonic Reso Hoop

Technical Specifications

CategoryDrum Hoops
Part NumberDyna-Sonic Reso Hoop