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Rogers Drums Green Marine Pearl Covington 3-Piece Shell Pack


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Category: Shell Packs

Green Marine Pearl Covington 3-Piece Shell Pack

Part # Green Marine Pearl Covington 3-Piece Shell Pack


"The Modern Vintage Sound". During the original 'Golden Era' of Rogers Drums, the brand was known for pioneering innovative drum products and processes that had never before been attempted. It is with this same spirit that we bring you the Covington Series Drum Kits with Rogers' proprietary shell building technology.

Rogers Drums Green Marine Pearl Covington 3-Piece Shell Pack


Since 1849, Rogers Drums rose from the first U.S. calfskin drum head manufacturer into one of the most innovative drum and percussion brands on the planet. Rogers hit its stride during modern history’s most transformative decade – the 1960s, and this “Golden Era” of the brand brought new inventions, sound and style to the world of drumming- that had never been imagined before. Today, Rogers returns- celebrating the vision, and the legacy of their Golden Era, and carrying forward the brand’s creed for percussion innovation into the 21st Century.
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Green Marine Pearl Covington 3-Piece Shell Pack

Product Features

To produce that classic, crisp and wide-open Rogers Drum sound (that we all know and love), each drum shell is formed through a heat-bending lamination process. Once molded, glued and air-dried to vintage spec perfection, the shells are then meticulously hand-built in our USA workshop. The overwhelming response from those who’ve have played the new Covington drums includes many vintage Rogers drum kit owners. It can be summed up in one player's quote: "These shells resonate for days."

Covington Series 3-Piece shell packs (rack/floor/kick) are available in Green Marine Pearl, White Marine Pearl and Black Diamond Pearl finishes, in either 12"/14"/20" and 12"/16"/22" configurations. All kits feature classic styling and appointments, like the Bowtie T-rods and script logo badges, with your choice of 9mm hex-steel, or lightweight 12.7mm aluminum spurs and legs.

Heat bending (not to be confused steam bending) is a special process of heating 2mm thick solid plies of wood in our proprietary molds and then fusing them together through a multi-step process. Rogers is the only company building drums like this. These techniques, along with the application of the interior fruitwood stain, hand cutting and assembly of the shells allows us to deliver that unmistakable Dyna-Sonic sound consistently in every drum we make. The Legend continues...

*Snare Drum, Cymbals and Hardware are Not Included

Green Marine Pearl Covington 3-Piece Shell Pack

Technical Specifications

CategoryShell Packs
Part NumberGreen Marine Pearl Covington 3-Piece Shell Pack
White Marine Pearl Covington 3-Piece Shell Pack
Rogers Drums
$3,900.00 – $4,330.00
Purple Diamond Pearl Cleveland 3-Piece Shell Pack
Rogers Drums
$3,465.00 – $3,600.00
White Marine Pearl PowerTone 3-Piece Shell Pack
Rogers Drums
$2,450.00 – $2,598.00