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Dunnett Classic Drums Res-O-Tone Bass Drum Head


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Category: Bass Drum Heads

Res-O-Tone Bass Drum Head

Part # Res-O-Tone Bass Drum Head


The Res-O-Tone line includes two models of bass drum heads that have been selectively paired to provide a controlled, yet wide open sound.

Dunnett Classic Drums Res-O-Tone Bass Drum Head


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More About This Brand
Res-O-Tone Bass Drum Head

Product Features

The Res-O-Tone batter bass drum head is a single ply head made with the proprietary tympanic film and uses an internal control ring of the same film. When used in combination with the Felt Tone Strip bass drum head, these heads allow any bass drum to operate at its full potential without the use of devices that tend to over dampen and limit the drum's playability.

  • Uncoated tympani film
  • Expanded tension latitude
  • Unique semi-transparent finish
  • Smart shipping using russian doll stacking and clear bags only
  • Made in USA
  • 1 Ply thick
Res-O-Tone Bass Drum Head

Technical Specifications

Part NumberRes-O-Tone Bass Drum Head
DIAMETER18 inches
Rogers Large Logo Coated White Resonant Bass Drum Head
Rogers Drums
$49.35 – $53.55
Rogers Logo Coated White Batter Bass Drum Head
Rogers Drums
$47.25 – $51.45
Black Reso Head with 2 Chrome 6 inch Oval Ports
Bass Drum O's
$44.84 – $49.99