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Wincent Drumsticks Hickory Standard Taper Drumsticks in White


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Hickory Standard Taper Drumsticks in White

Part # Hickory Standard Taper Drumsticks in White


Wincent Hickory Standard Taper White Drumsticks feel amazing and produce a full-bodied cymbal sound. They are forward-weighted and have a great punch. Their Unique Wax Protection helps keep them in your grasp and makes them more durable. Give a pair a try today!

Wincent Drumsticks Hickory Standard Taper Drumsticks in White


Founded in 1992 by Dan Nylén, Wincent is a renowned Swedish brand specializing in drumsticks. Our mission is to craft top-notch instruments that empower drummers to create music that resonates with joy and beauty. We take immense pride in collaborating with some of the most exceptional musicians of our time, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming more talented drummers into the ever-growing Wincent family. It is both a privilege and a humbling experience to contribute to the world of drumming.
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Hickory Standard Taper Drumsticks in White

Product Features

  • UWP (Unique Wax Protection) coating enhances feel and durability
  • Provides a secure and relaxed grip for optimal control
  • Crafted in Sweden from finest wood
  • Meticulously stone-ground for lasting trueness and smooth surface
  • Resists splitting and ensures flawless performance
  • Weight-matched within a three-gram range for perfect balance
  • Delivers exceptional feel and performance on stage or in the studio

Unparalleled Feel and Durability
Experience the perfect blend of feel and durability with Wincent's hickory drumsticks, expertly sealed with UWP (Unique Wax Protection), a distinctive water-based wax coating. This innovative application significantly enhances the wood's robustness, extending the lifespan of the sticks. Moreover, it promotes a secure and relaxed grip, ensuring optimal control during performances.

Uncompromising Quality and Precision
Crafted in Sweden, these drumsticks are meticulously fashioned from premium American Hickory sourced from Kentucky. Utilizing state-of-the-art centerless stone-grinding machines tailored for drumstick production, each stick undergoes a meticulous process to maintain lasting trueness, resist splitting, and provide a flawlessly smooth surface from the butt to the tip. Furthermore, these sticks are meticulously weight-matched within a three-gram range, ensuring perfect pairing and balance.

Seamless Identification and Extraordinary Performance
Simplify identification and organization with Wincent's hickory drumsticks, featuring a model identifier printed on the butt end for effortless recognition and pairing, even in a packed stick bag. Discover drumsticks that deliver exceptional feel and unwavering performance on stage or in the studio.

Hickory Standard Taper Drumsticks in White

Technical Specifications

Part NumberHickory Standard Taper Drumsticks in White
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